What is PACMUN?

The Municipal Climate Action Plan (PACMUN) is a project initiated in Mexico by ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability with the technical and institutional assistance of the National Institute of Ecology (INECC) and is financed by the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Mexico in the period of 2011 – 2013.

The main activities in this timeframe are: 1) to develop a Guideto Elaborate in the Municipal Climate Action Plan and 2) to assist more than 30 pilot municipalities in the first phase (2012) and more than 200 municipalities in the second phase (2012-2013).

Benefits for the PACMUN participants
As PACMUN participants, the representatives of local governments will obtain the knowledge about the causes of climate change, its impacts on the different production sectors as well as on the quality of life of the local populations, in order to get an understanding about how the decisions on the local level can contribute to resolving the problem of climate change on the global scale.

Through the PACMUN project in Mexico, strategic relationships and alliances among the participating municipalities, agencies as well as national and international associations and local governments worldwide are established and cultivated.


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